Versed Innovative Solutions

Formerly Known as Photonic signatures

Providing Screening Solutions for Cognitive Health


There is no low-cost tools widely available to monitor cognitive health and yet provide nutraceutical and supplement solutions. This results in severe shortcomings in our ability to detect early declines in cognition unrelated to healthy aging leading to late intervention with no prior solutions. Also, it provides insufficient time to initiate preventive measures effectively (diet, lifestyle, etc.) VIS Technology along with its partners is developing low cost, non-invasive and easy to use tools for brain health assessment.

About Us

Versed Innovative Solutions is a digital health software provider that has been developing testing and screening tools aimed at saving and improving lives and costs by accurate quantification of brain health efficiently for all individuals.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to leverage decades of research that yielded breakthrough technologies for cognitive function
  • It’s also to provide disruptive pathways to better outcomes and effective nutraceutical solutions that will dramatically lower the cost of the healthcare system via preventative measures


VIS solution is able to track the executive function of individuals via simple methods such as gamification and other software means. This creates a quantitative assessment of how various brain supplements and nutrition can improve cognitive function in the long-run

Our Value-Add

  • Our technology will lead to a revitalization of natural health products research and development associated with cognitive health improvement
  • There is a significant potential market opportunity for nutraceutical manufacturers’ R&D projects affiliated with the development of our technology
  • The envisioned solution will influence the growth and development of markets aligned with, yet distinct from, those initially identified for the imaging technology itself
  • Cost effective technology for everyone

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